September Harvest

September is also the month to harvest what you have sown earlier in the year. 

In spring I also made sure I had also sown a small handful of pumpkin seeds. I chose the smaller sized Squash 'Uchiki Kuri' or Japanese Red Onion Squash. (You may have also come across 'Hokkaido Squash'.)

You don't need to remove the skin as you can eat it, too. I think, this year's first  'Uchiki Kuri' will be turned into a wonderful warming Autumn soup with roasted pumpkin seeds next weekend.

See how the seed turned into a beautiful plant and squash later on. 

'Uchiki Kuri' seeds
'Uchiki Kuri' seedling
'Uchiki Kuri'  plant in Cornwall
'Uchiki Kuri' squash
'Uchiki Kuri' Flower Cornwall
'Uchiki Kuri'
'Uchiki Kuri'
'Uchiki Kuri'