You can relax and enjoy seeing your dream become a reality, or you can work closely with me, depending on your preference. 



Offering a range of services, I have honed a system to make discovering your new space as seamless a process as possible. 

Due to being living things, gardens speak to us and connect us to different stages in our lives. Ever evolving, the garden space may achieve maturity and call for a new look. Starting from scratch or refreshing an existing garden, I love designing and planting out ideas to complement the Cornish landscape.

Just as the stages of our life can change our mood, gardens bring the chatter of a summer’s eve and the secrets of midday in winter; shifting and shaping our place within them. 

For all enquiries about garden design and a garden revamp, please  contact me to arrange an initial consultation. 


A design consultation follows this process:

Stage A   Initial Consultation

I’ll come on site to visit the space and evaluate the site and consult with you about your vision. This includes inspection of the logistics. If necessary here I can evaluate in terms of planning.

Stage B   Outline Proposals/Scheme Design

I’ll then go away and begin sketching my drawings of your dream garden. At this stage I would complete submissions for necessary statutory approvals. You can view the drawings and plans to make any changes as the process goes on.

Stage C   Detailed Design

At this stage, I’ll set out the final plans, preparing the construction details, and logistics of drainage and irrigation. 

Stage D   Planting Details and Schedule

We’ll agree on plants and colour schemes and your garden begins to unfold before your eyes.

Stage E  Tender Documentation

I’ll make the necessary submissions for specifications, invitation to tender, tender report.

Stage F  Landscaping Begins

Once we have everything planned and in place, I will work with other local experts to ensure the entire architecture of your dream garden is in place.