Tremenheere Sculpture Garden Plant Fair, 18th September 2016

The last few preparations for the Plant Fair at Tremenheere Sculpture Garden have just been finished. Time to make sure that everyone will find their way to the Plant Fair!

Therefore, look out for signs soon and on the day. This should be the easiest way to explain. If you are coming from Hayle on the A30 turn RIGHT, just before you get to the round-about, that takes you to Penzance. It is the round-about, where you can see a field of Agapanthus(!). It definitely stands out, when in flower. Don't be distracted by the beautiful view of Mount's Bay and turn right here. Then zig-zag your way through Winchester Growers. Turn left, and then turn right again. Too complicated? Here's a map. 

Tremenheere Plant Fair 2016 how to get there
Tremenheere Plant Fair 2016 Sign in Cornwall in September
Tremenheere Plant Fair Poster. See you soon! 18th September 2016
Tremenheere Plant Fair 2016 Sign 18th Sept 2016

So, who will be bringing their most beautiful plants? 

Agapanthus and Kniphofia - Selma Klophaus

Air Plants - Andrew Gavin

Aroids - Ben Candlin

Bamboo - Mike Bell

Lower Kenneggy Nursery - Stephen Mules

Palmtraders UK - Andrew Pearson

Rarities and Carnivorous Plants - John Sirkett

Rare Trees and Shrubs, Daylilies - Nick Lock

Surreal Succulents - Daniel Michael

Tuckermarsh Plants - Mark Fillan

Unusual Woodland Plants - Paul Bonavia

....I heard, there are even more nurseries to come!

Looking forward to say 'hello' to Chris from Kelnan Plants, too.