Fire Dance Red Hot Poker in Bud

My Nursery Update

Kniphofia hirsuta 'Fire Dance' is the first Red Hot Poker in bud this spring and is said to be the cold-hardiest Kniphofia to date! This multi-coloured beauty keeps the sunny garden in warm tones for many weeks from June to September. Its foliage is dark.  Arching, narrow and rough to the touch, these striking blue green leaves form an attractive compact mound, that creates interest before and after bloom. Plant height is 50cm at flowering time.

This Kniphofia is a perfect container plant and suitable for cutting. You may want to try 'Fire Dance' in a rock garden with good drainage. 

Kniphofia Fire Dance Bud1
Kniphofia Fire Dance Bud2
Kniphofia Fire Dance Bud3