Why should we prune?

Good question! 

If you don't know what you are doing, this garden task strikes fear into the hearts of many proud garden owners, but it is actually a simple and rewarding process. All you need to do is to understand a few basic principles behind the why, when, and how of pruning shrubs. Once you implement these ideas and techniques, you’ll see a healthier, more floriferous garden that same season. 

There are different types of pruning and this depends on the type of plant. The results are different as well. This could be:  More flowers, another bloom later in the season, better leaf colour, brighter stem colour. Reasons: Re-shaping and control of the plant, rejuvenation, or simply removal of dead and diseased and damaged wood. 

Below see how a simple prune and feed can improve the the overall appearance of this olive tree. Please remember:  The correct technique at the correct time of the year.